BREAKING: Commuters Stranded As EndSARS Protesters Block Ekewan Road, Turns It To Football Pitch In Benin


The ever busy Ekewan road, Benin City, was deserted on Sunday as EndSARS protesters mostly youths turned the road to football pitch as they equally burnt fire and cooked rice to feed the protesters.

The burnfire and complete blockage of the Slope area of the road hindered commuters going to Upper Ekewan road, Ugbiyioko, Evbuotubu, and other areas to be stranded as some came down from the vehicle that convened them from Ring Road (centre of the city) and trekked several kilometers before getting another vehicle to convene them to their destinations.

Amongst demands of the protesting youths are totally reformation of the Nigeria Police, government agencies, parastatals and complete restructuring of the Nigeria nation.

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Speaking to our Correspondent on behalf of the protesting youths, Mr Collins Omorogie, said though the protest was against the Special Anti-robbery Squad (SARS) and its injustice melted on Nigerians, the injustice in the country as of today cuts across board hence they are demanding for justice in all spheres.


Ever busy Ekewan road turned to football pitch by the protesters on Sunday

Omorogie who rapped himself with the Nigeria green white green wrapper during the protest, said injustice is apparent across the three arms of government in the country.

“The injustice in our three arms of government and many more are what we are protesting against today in the strongest term. We are saying no to corruption; we are saying no to nepotism; we are saying no to embezzlement; we are saying no to quack leadership,” he added.

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He lamented that even with the high rate of educated ones in the country, unemployment is going higher, as he further lamented that people in less developed countries with lesser education live a better live than Nigerians.

He said the act of knowing who is who in the country before an ordinary person could get a position or better job should put to an end.

“We are calling for better Nigeria; we are calling for a country whereby a son of the ordinary man who has the right qualities and qualifications can assume into the helms of affairs and determined what happened in the nation and give us good governance.

Burnfire ati the road

” Part of this protest is reformation of our police. There are also government agencies, parastatals that need total reform. But most importantly we are protesting and demanding for a total restructuring of the country. We need a government that is corrupt free. We need a government that will say no to embezzlement. We need a government that will say no to nepotism” he said.

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