Celebrating A Quintessential Man On His Special Day


I never knew today is the birthday of a great man, a man of few words and resourceful actions, until this morning around 8:00am when I opened my WhatsApp and viewed the status of a virtuous woman (his wife) wherein I saw his beautiful picture with an inscription – “Happiest birthday to my darling husband, an exceptional man, am grateful to God for making you my crown and the father of my children, may God’s protection never depart from you IN JESUS NAME.”

Wao! It is birthday of no other person than the Ibe-ebidouwei of Furupagha clan, High Chief (Engr.) Pascal Ebi Akpofagha. A man with exceptional quality. A philanthropist. A quiet achiever and goal getter. A man who wouldn’t take no for yes. A man who stands for what he believes is right and will never swift a ground no matter the circumstances. A bold and fearless man who always stands for the truth. A man of integrity. I never expected this on my schedule of today, but I just have to take time out to scribble something for a big brother.

High Chief does not name or give himself the Ibe-ebidouwei title, the good people of Furupagha christened him after his track record in the clan. Engr Akpofagha’s good works in the clan and to his people earned him this reputable title – Ibe-ebidouwei – literay meaning: the man who sought after the progress of the clan.

High Chief is poised in making people, and he has started it. I remember one of my discussions with him his house. He softly said: “I don’t have time for all these their supremacy wahala. What I am after is how to raise men in our area; how to get something for you guys coming behind so that we have enough well-to-do people; how I can enpower people so that we don’t need to wait for anybody before we can do whatsoever we have in mind to do in the area.” Engr Akpofagha has started fulfilling the above statement. He has lifted the hands of the younger ones, if you are in doubt ask this writer. He is a benefactor of the Ibe-ebidouwei kind gestures. High Chief Akpofagha is still on the mission. This may not be the right time to write about this extensively, besides it is an impromptu piece to celebrate a man of honour.

High Chief Pascal Ebi Akpofagha, the Ibe-Ebidouwei of Furupagha clan.

High Chief, as you celebrate this special day of yours, I wish you more glorious and fruitful years in Jesus’ name. You shall live to celebrate more of this day in sound health and more prosperity in Jesus’ name. By the reason of this day, may God open more doors and opportunity for you sir. May all what you expect come your way. May God grant your heart desires. May He enable you to do more good to your people as you desire.
God in his infinity mercy will place you above your enemies. His protection will be upon you and your household, and He will guide you in all your endeavors in Jesus’name. May His presence never depart from you and your household in Jesus name.

Happy birthday day sir!


Joseph Ebitibi Kanjo



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