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Choosing The 8th Executes Of Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Worldwide: A Task Beyond Popular Sentiment



By Godswill Doubra WURUYAI

2. Greetings to you all leaders, comrades, delegates and decision makers of Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) Worldwide, trust this letter meets you at the comfort of your homes, observing precautionary measures taking to stall the spread of the scourge of the rising global pandemic called Corona Virus also known as Covid 19, which has in recent times stole world peace, desecrated human dignity and has shaped all human activities which include the activities of the IYC. I hope and pray that this plague is defeated by the efforts of our brave medical professionals across the world, who are sleeplessly working day and night in order to keep us safe and healthy. God help, soon.

3. I write to humbly crave your indulgence as deciders of the fate of any aspirant vying for any office in the forthcoming national elections to judge and choose to support candidate(s) not by his or her size, or money he or she has to throw around, nor by relationship built over the years but by the content of what he or she has to contribute to the growth and development of the IYC as we are in difficult times in the cause of the history of our revered institution. This is important because, whoever you choose to man any office in Council has a ripple effect on what the institution will turn out to become in the shortest of its history moving forward as attitude of desperation, unguided appetite and internal avoidable contentions among executive members will make matters worse for the growth and survival of the IYC you gave up everything to build. Simply put, the IYC of your dream will only be possible when you elect people who see themselves as team players in a whole and will be disciplined enough to actively work within provisions of the constitutional powers accrued to their office and be innovative, creative and practical enough in that respect.

Comrade Godswill Doubra Wuruyai, vying for the position of national secretary, Ijaw Youth Council, worldwide

4. Leaders, comrades, delegates and decision makers of Council, I implore you to bear in mind that for IYC to survive, grow and develop to attain the great standard you admire, the onus lies on you to go beyond all popular sentiments, propaganda and hate speeches to handover Council’s leadership to brave men and women who have the guts to serve innovatively, practically and decisively with the people and the institution as their primary concern, creating a fertile economic, social and political spaces for Ijaw people in Nigeria and diaspora to thrive. Leaders, comrades, delegates and decision makers of Council, the burden on you demands tactful thinking devoid of emotionally motivated actions to help you handover the leadership of Council not just to compensate long existing friendship or clannish affinity but to people with capacity, intellectual prowess and practical skills requisite to efficiently man the office they vy for.

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5. Compatriots, remember Ijaw is one and we all must in our little capacities continue to exhibit characters that will embolden our unity not division. This is why even as an aspirant contesting for the office of the National Secretary, I have strongly advised my teaming supporters and media group against hate speeches and gutter words capable of causing injury to any candidate contesting same office with me as I will not leverage on lies, propaganda and hate speeches against fellow contestants in a bid to discrediting them before the world just to make cheap points. So far, I and my teaming supporters have kept our campaign issue based and we are bent on maintaining same till the end of the electioneering process. This is important because it will help to avoid pre-election and post-election crisis and it serves as an approach that deeply acknowledge stakeholders efforts in ensuring peace in Council.

Godswill Doubra WURUYAI, aspirant, National Secretary, Ijaw Youth Council worldwide

6. It is in similar vein I implore you all; leaders, comrades, delegates and decision makers of Council to reject any aspirant who device such wicked, desperate and slanderous means of campaign against a fellow candidate just to discredit same before you in order to achieve target as this approach is not good for the new IYC of unity and progress you are sacrificing so much to achieve.

7. Compatriots, good servanthood which is exactly the burden placed on good leadership lies not in size and physical looks of a person. Rather, it is a matter of discipline, bravery and sacrifice. If size was what informed good leadership prowess, Major Jasper Isaac Adaka Boro in whom you and I source inspiration from, would not have being counted among the heroes of Ijaw Nation as there were more aged and physically built men in Ijaw land in his time.

8. Compatriots, this is what I implore you to pay more attention to. In the forthcoming IYC National elections, I appeal that let your decision on who to support and vote be tailored around contents as it is the only means through which our revered institution can come out strong to favourably compete among its comity of institutions across the globe and fully achieve its two core narratives—Resource Control and Self-Determination. The task before you demands you to ensure that the team you put your directives and thumbs should be those deeply interested in peace-building within Council in order to consolidate on efforts of stakeholders and embrace all and sundry in moving Ijaw Nation forward.

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9. In conclusion, Compatriots of IYC, when elected by you, whilst my constitutional accrued duties as clearly enumerated in Section 1(3) of the IYC Constitution remain paramount to me and serves as the basis for my innovations and practical inputs to the overall improvement of Council activities locally and internationally as expected, I humbly appeal to your good conscience to support me as I am willing if need be to bring to bear my professional expertise on conflict management and peace-building in order to ensure that disputes within the Executives and Council in general are timely managed and resolved amicably.

Yours Sincerely,

Comr. Godswill Doubra WURUYAI,
Former Clan Chairman, IYC Gbaramatu.
National Secretary Aspirant, IYC Worldwide.


Niger Delta

UPDATED: S’Court Affirms Delta Gov’s Election




The Supreme Court has affirmed the election of the Delta State Governor, Sheriff Oborevwori.

The court dismissed the appeals by the All Progressives Congress and its candidate, Ovie Omo-Agege, and the Labour Party and its candidate, Ken Pella, against the governor

In the Omo-Agege appeal, the five-member panel led by Justice Okoro said the appeal lacked merit and the appellant was unable to discharge the burden of proof placed on him.

Pella’s appeal was also dismissed for lack of merit.

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The court of appeal in Lagos had affirmed the election of Oborevwori as the governor of Delta State, dismissing the appeals by the governorship candidates and their parties

Oborevwori polled 360,234 votes to defeat his closest opponent, Omo-Agege of the APC who scored 240,229.

Pela of the LP came third with 48,027 votes, while Great Ogboru of the All Progressives Grand Alliance came fourth with 11,021 votes.


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Only One African Country Ready For Public Health Emergency – CDC




The Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (AfricaCDC) says only one country is ready to respond to a public health emergency.

The Director-General of the Africa CDC, Dr Jean Kaseya, said this in Lusaka, Zambia, at the third International Conference on Public Health in Africa (CPHIA), held from November 27 to November 30.

Kaseya spoke during a side event to unveil a five-year strategic plan for strengthening public health emergency operations centres in Africa and countries in the Eastern Mediterranean region on Thursday.

He said the only African country ready to respond to a public health emergency was South Africa.

He urged member states to accelerate measures and mechanisms to enhance responses to public health emergencies.

Kaseya explained that the absence of preparedness from other countries exposes all countries in the Africa region to the risks of outbreaks, if any occur.

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“If we want to consider the score for vulnerability, how countries are rated, ready, and well prepared to respond to outbreaks, only one country in Africa is ready.

“It means all other countries are at risk. If we know that, then we can say we are all exposed.

“The Africa region is facing an average of two to three outbreaks per week.

“From January to November 2023, we already have 158 public health emergencies that we are managing.

“You can imagine that we are out of COVID-19, but we still have other 158 public health emergencies.

“The only way to prevent and respond to outbreaks is through strong Public Health Emergency Operation Centres (PHEOCs),’’ he said.

He noted that there were still gaps to be filled, as disparity still exists.

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He, however, said some progress had been recorded in strengthening emergency preparedness and response but called for partnerships to foster the implementation of the five-year strategic plan.

“The disparity that we see is calling us to have a strong partnership.

“This is why we are calling all of our colleagues and all of our partners to consider what we will achieve under this five-year strategic plan—90–90 per cent of at least countries with PHEOCs.

“We need $181 million to implement this plan. Let us put our hands together, let us be sure that we are working, and let us ensure that we provide at least the $181 million that we are requesting,” Kaseya noted.

He pledged a commitment to sensitising member states to contribute towards the implementation of the plan.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the five-year strategic plan for 2023–2027 is in partnership with the AfricaCDC, the World Health Orgnisation, member states, the UK Health Security Agency, and other development partners.

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The five-year strategic plan for 2023–2027 is expected to be operational in at least 50 African countries to enhance health preparedness and response.

The strategic plan is to guide the implementation of the PHEOCs in Member States of the African and Eastern Mediterranean Regions towards meeting the minimum requirements or core capacities of the PHEOC.

The plan will guide nations as they actively work to position PHEOCs as central nerve centres for risk assessment, planning, and sharing of critical resources.

The PHEOC is critical to meeting the requirements of international health regulations by assisting Member States to build and improve their public health emergency management capabilities.

However, it is estimated that $181,837,498 is needed to implement the activities planned for the next five years in both regions.

The budget will cover costs related to renovating the PHEOC facilities, procurement of information and communication technology equipment, salary and daily subsistence allowances for experts, workshop participation, training and simulation exercise programmes, and establishing regional PHEOCs of excellence, among others.

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In her remarks, Dr Matshidiso Moeti, the WHO Regional Director for Africa, noted that the strategy will shape the future of public health in the African region and the Eastern Mediterranean region.

According to her, the devastating impact of disease outbreaks and conflict jeopardises the health of millions of people and poses challenges that threaten their health.

“Together, we are working on the next phase.

“Ensuring a safer, healthier, and more resilient future where public health emergencies no longer hold us captive with fear because we have broken the chain that makes it impossible to respond and recover,’’ Moeti said.

NAN also reports that on the sidelines of 41st Ordinary Session of the Executive Council of the African Union and the fourth Mid-Year Coordination Meeting of the AU and the Regional Economic Communities, in Lusaka, Zambia, on July 6, 2022, urged all African Union Member States and partners to recognise and prioritise PHEOCs as an important pillar in health emergency preparedness and response.

It had also called upon the AU and Africa CDC to put in place a continental mechanism and structure to coordinate the accelerated establishment and strengthening of the PHEOCs in Africa and collaborate with all relevant stakeholders.


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Ijaw Thanksgiving Day: CAN Prays For Development Of Ijaw Land, N-Delta




The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has fervently prayed for progress and development to thrive in Ijaw land and the Niger Delta region to alleviate extreme poverty and underdevelopment in the oil-rich region.


The Christian body offered the prayers at the occasion of the 25th Ijaw Day of Thanksgiving, yesterday at Bomadi, headquarters of Bomadi Local Government Area, Delta State.


Chairman of CAN, Bomadi Local Government Chapter, Apt. (Dr) Liberty Usiayo, in his remark said the essence of the annual thanksgiving was to show appreciation to God for His love and care for Ijaw ethnic nationality in all situations.


He said: “the essence of this annual thanksgiving is to appreciate God for His goodness and mercies for Ijaw nation. We’re also here praying for unity and well being of Ijaw land.


“The scripture says in Isaiah 41:21 that we should come to God with a strong reason why He should answer our prayers; our prayer is that God should do greater things for Ijaw nation.


“We’re also using this medium to appeal to Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa to either give Bomadi a higher educational institution or locate faculties of the existing state institutions in the riverine area”.


However, the Christian body rededicated Ijaw land to God with a 14-point prayer list for better living standards which included completion of ongoing development projects as well as prayers against project duplication and the spirit of abandoned projects in Ijaw land among others.

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