Edo Guber: APC Conniving With BEDC To Cut Off Power Supply To Election Collation Centre, PDP Alleges


It’s A Cheap Blackmail – BEDC

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Edo State has raised the alarm over alleged connivance between the Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) Plc and the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state to cut off power supply to election collation centres across the state this Saturday so as to compromise the September 19 election results.

The party also alleged that some APC chieftains from Lagos, in connivance with the party chieftains in the state are planning to deploy private jets and helicopters to move money from outside the state to rig the poll in favour of the APC.

Chris Nehikhare, Publicity Secretary of the party in the state, disclosed these in Benin on Wednesday while briefing newsmen in preparation for the election.

According to Nehikhare, ” We are alerting BEDC and its management that we are aware of their plot and Edo people would vehemently resist the role of cooperates in attempting to undermine their will in this election.

” We also want to use this medium to call on the National Electricity Regulatory Company (NERC) to sanction Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC), if they go ahead with orders issued by the management, which is in bed with the APC, to cut off power supply to the collation centres across the state at critical times on Saturday, September 19, with a view to compromise the election.

On the allegations of some APC chieftains deploying private jet, Nehikhare has this to say, “The leadership of the APC in Edo State, has gone a step further from the inciting broadcast by sending down helicopters and private jets loaded with money in an attempt to buy our state and annex it as a part of his fiefdom.”

While calling on INEC, observers and other stakeholders in the electoral process to take note of this move and ensure necessary actions are taken to avert the sinister plot to subvert the will of Edo people, the PDP Publicity Secretary urged Edo people vote the party candidate in the September 19 election.

However, in his reaction Public Relations Officer, BEDC, Mr Tayo Adekunle said the allegation was not true, adding that it is a mere blackmail.

He said, ” It is a cheap blackmail. There is no iota of truth. The BEDC is a business entity that is apolitcal”.

Also in a swift response to allegations of APC planning to use private jet to convene money to the systa, John Mayaki, APC governorship candidate spokesman poured ice-cold water on what it called “wild, reckless and panicky allegations.”
Mayaki declared: “To start with when you’re faced with total and crushing defeat, you suddenly begin to see anyone and everyone as your enemy.” 
He said Nehikhare’s desperate resort to primitive blackmail against Tinubu was because the APC chieftain was spot on, pointing out Obaseki’s “serious democratic crimes”.
“Is it not true that Obaseki subverted the overwhelming majority of Edo legislators from carrying out their duties?  Are those legislators from Lagos?  Are they not Edo sons barred from their work by a desperate and thoughtless governor? Did the whole world not see Obaseki and his thugs pour gravel to block off the Edo State House of Assembly and remove the roof, in cynical destruction, which they claimed was repair? “ Mayaki queried.


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