Edo Speaker Fingered In Alleged Murder


The people of Obagie-Uwafiokun community in Ovia North East Local Government Area of Edo State have accused the Speaker, Edo State House of Assembly, Hon. Marcus Onobun of sponsoring the killing of their son, Mr. Osaheni Osadolor, the Okaghele of the community (youth leader) over a percel of land.

The bereaved people who carried placards bearing inscriptions as ‘Marcus Onobun, the Speaker, stop sponsoring thugs to kill us’; ‘Marcus Onobun, stop killing the people of Obagie-Uwafiokun’; ‘Marcus Onobun, carry your bulldozer away from Obagie-Uwafiokun community amongst others protested to the Edo State Government House, GRA, Benin city on Tuesday in a call for justice.

The protesters were however intercepted by the state Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of operations, DCP Miller Dantawaye at the entrance to the Government House.

Addressing the DCP and the press on behalf of the community, Prince John Eweka accused the Speaker of sending assassins to kill Mr. Osadolor on the 13th of this month while he was at his mechanic workshop doing his legitimate job.

According to Prince Eweka, Mr. Osadolor, 44 years old had an encounter with Mr. Onobun over land in the community of which the Speaker threatened to kill him if he (Osadolor) stands on his way in developing a land he had acquired in the community, adding that the speaker had abducted Osadolor in two different occasions, tortured him before eventually killing him in different occasion.

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He said, “On the 13th of this month, as this young man went back to his mechanic workshop, some group of persons came with a Camry car, went there and killed him at the mechanic workshop.

“He was in charge of looking after boundaries between Obagie and her neighbouring communities.

“Osadolor and some men were in patrol in a certain day when they saw some certain people with Hilux and other cars drove into a place, they were watching. So, when they then saw that they were inspecting some areas there, they became inquisitive to know why they were there to do whatsoever they were doing. So, they walked across to the person and try to enquire who they were and what they were up to.

“The person then told them he has a percel of land, 36 percel of land, that is, 100 by 100 into 36 places. And that somebody sold the area to him. They then said this area you are talking about belongs to Obagie-Uwafiokun community, the man you claimed sold this place to you, sold it illegally, and so you cannot own this place.

“And the man insisted that he bought the land years back and that no one can tell him what to do. And that anyone that dare him to do what he intends to do will pay for it. And that he has immunity, and that no one can do anything to him. He then introduced himself as Marcus Onobun, the Speaker of Edo State House of Assembly.

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“The third day after the encounter, the same Marcus Onobun drove to the area, kidnapped this young man with the aid of some thugs, Policemen, DSS and took him to his (Marcus) house and tortured him to an extent that blood was coming out from his ear and nose.

Bereaved people protesting on Thursday at Government House.

“Marcus then threatened the young man that either he leaves the place for him to develop or he (Osadolor) will be dead.

“The second time they equally abducted him again. This time, the community sent delegates to meet the Speaker. I was amongst those that went as delegate. When we got there, he refused to grant us audience. We went again to meet him, and he still threatened that no body can stopped him from the place , that he owns the place.”

Prince Eweka said in credence to the fact that the Speaker killed Osadolor, as soon as the young man was killed, Hon. Onobun sent bulldozer and started bulldozing the area.

He added that it was then that the immediate elder brother of the slained young man confronted the Speaker who according to him was mercilessly beaten by thugs of Mr Speaker and then taken to police station for detention.

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“To make matter worst, on Sunday, the Speaker mobilised thugs with bulldozers and some Policemen and went to the same area and started bulldozing. Meanwhile the young man was killed on Saturday.
That was when the immediate elder brother of the slained man went there to confront him. They got the brother mercilessly beaten and took him to Ogida Police Station. But the Ogida Police DPO refused to detain the young man though he ordered for his detention,” he added.

Reacting, the DCP, operations, Dantawaye commeneded them for presenting their grievances in a peaceful manner without taking the laws into their hands, promising that the matter would probably investigated.

Reacting to the allegations, the Speak said he does not know anything about the allegations and that he does not even know the community.





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