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FULL LIST: Obasanjo Farm, 27 Feeders Downgraded From Band A To E Under IBEDC



…Gbongan Road 11kv Feeder, Osogbo; Mainstream 11kv Feeder, Ilorin, Others Zero Power Supply

The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company has released the names of erstwhile Band A feeders downgraded to B, C D or E.

Our correspondent reports that the Farm Feeder serving the Obasanjo Farm was downgraded from Band A to Band E in the list released by the IBEDC on Saturday.

About 28 feeders under the Ibadan DisCo were downgraded in Oyo, Ogun, Kwara and Osun States.


According to the list, some areas dropped from 20 hours of daily power supply to zero hour.

This, according to the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, brought about the removal of those feeders from Band A to the band that fits their daily power allocation.

While announcing the April 2024 supplementary Multi-Year Tariff Order on Wednesday, the Federal Government said it would no longer pay subsidy on electricity consumed by Band A customers, saying others would continue to pay the old rates.

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Band A customers, who reportedly enjoy electricity for a minimum of 20 hours per day now pay N225/KWh.

Here is the list of IBEDC Band A downgraded feeders:

1. IBADAN: Bank Road 11kv Feeder – Magazine Road, Oba Adebimpe Road, Oke Bola (Now in Band B with 16 hours supply)

2. OGUN: GTB 11kv Feeder: Only GTBank Training School, Oke Ilewo Abeokuta ( Now in Band B with 19 hours power supply)


3. KWARA: Seminary 11kv Feeder: From High-school Area to Seminary, Randa area, Olomi area, Bowen Area, Takie Junction, Apake area, Star- Light area, Sabo area, Orita Naira Junction and Terminated at Bode-Eniafe Street (Downgraded to Band B with 16 hours power supply)

4. IBADAN: Ami 11KV Feeder: Onireke, Jericho, Railway Quarters (Downgraded to Band C with 12 hours power supply)

5. KWARA: Asa 11KV Feeder: Asa Dam, Ilorin (Downgraded to Band C with 14 hours power supply)

6. OGUN: Homan 11kv Feeder: Daraju, Eagle Packages and NYCIL (Downgraded to Band C with 14 hours power supply)


7. OGUN: Rite Food Quarters 11kv Feeder: Rite Food Quarters (Downgraded to Band C with 12 hours power supply)

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8. KWARA: Senior Staff Qtrs F20 11kv Feeder: Senior Camp Road (Downgraded to Band C with 15 hours power supply)

9. KWARA: SF2 New Bussa 11kv Feeder: Ibadan Way, Wawa Garage Road (Downgraded to Band C with 12 hours power supply)


10. IBADAN: State House 11kv Feeder: Ikolaba, Kuye, Road 214, Oniκοκο (Downgraded to Band C with 14 hours power supply)

11. KWARA: Yidi 11kv Feeder: Asa Dam Road, Irewolede Road, High Merit Road (Downgraded to Band C with 14 hours power supply)

12. IBADAN: Dugbe Awolowo 11kv Feeder: Old Bodija, Sango and Vetinary (Downgraded to Band D with 11 hours power supply)

13. KWARA: Government House 11kv Feeder: Agba Dam Road, Umaru Audi Road, Adelodun Road, Abdulkadir Road, Saad Alamu Street, Offa Road, Flower Garden, Idiagbon Street, Sayomi Street 2nd Avenue Street (Downgraded to Band D with 9 hours power supply)


14. IBADAN: ONIREKE 11KV FEEDER: Link Reservation, Joe Berchort, Oba Akensua (Downgraded to Band D with 10 hours power supply)

15. IBADAN: Oremeji 11kv Feeder: Oba Akinbiyi, Uncle Joe, Letmauk Barracks Road (Downgraded to Band D with 8 hours power supply)

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16. IBADAN: Anfani 11KV Feeder: Anfani Road, Ibadan (Downgraded to Band E with 5 hours power supply)


17. KWARA: Basin 11kv Feeder: Umaru Audi Road, Fate Road, Fate Tanke Road, Gra Ilorin, Gss Ilorin, Mubo Strrt, Agric Estate, Sango Road, Alhaji Tunde Mohammed Road, Panat, Station Road, Cathment Road (Downgraded to Band E with 7 hours power supply)

18. Oyo: Crown 11KV Feeder: Premier Rd, Oshuntokun, Adeyi, Awolowo Road (Downgraded to Band E with 1 hour power supply)

19. OGUN: Farm 11KV Feeder: Main Obasanjo Farm (Downgraded to Band E with 7 hour power supply)

20. OSUN: Gbongan Road 11kv Feeder: Gbongan-Ibadan Road (Downgraded to Band E with 0 hour power supply)


21. OYO: Impact Radio 11KV Feeder: Ayegoro (Downgraded to Band E with 1 hour power supply)

22. KWARA: Mainstream 11kv Feeder: Mainstream (Downgraded to Band E with 0 hour power supply)

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23. KWARA: Muritala Mohammed 11kv Feeder: ITC Road, Ajase Ipo Road, Muritala Mohammed Way, Unity Road, Coca Cola Road, Challenge, Umaru Audi Road, Offa Road, Lajorin, Office Road, Ipaye Road, Police Road, Onikanga Road, Plantation Road, High Court (Downgraded to Band E with 6 hours power supply)


24. OSUN: OSUTH 11KV Feeder, Off Ibokun Road (Downgraded to Band E with 0 hour power supply)

25. IBADAN: P&G 11KV Feeder: 7up Road, Oluyole Estate (Downgraded to Band E with 7 hours power supply)

26. KWARA: TAIWO 11KV FEEDER; Edun, Ita Amodu, Taiwo Area (Downgraded to Band E with 6 hours power supply)

27. KWARA: Tanke 11kv Feeder: Agba Dam Road, John Oyewole Street, Western Reservoir Road, Awolowo Road, Aderoju Street, Peace Street, Alao Farm Road, Akata Street, Olowogada Street, Gege Street, Mfm Road, Tanke Road, Tanke Ilewe Street, Igbo Owu Street, Akorede Street, Fate Tanke Road (Downgraded to Band E with 4 hours power supply)


28. IBADAN: Yale 11kv Feeder: 7up Road, Oluyole Estate (Downgraded to Band E with 1 hour power supply)



Controversy As US State, Louisiana Asks Schools To Display Ten Commandments



Louisiana has become the first U.S. state to mandate that every public school classroom, from elementary to university level, must display a poster of the Ten Commandments.

The measure, backed by Republicans and signed into law by Governor Jeff Landry on Wednesday, described the commandments as “the foundational documents of our state and national government.”

The law is expected to face challenges from civil rights groups, The American Civil Liberties Union, who argue that it contravenes the separation between church and state enshrined in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, specifically the Establishment Clause.


It reads, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

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Ten Commandments new law

The state law requires that a poster include the sacred text in “large, easily readable font” on a poster that is 11 inches by 14 inches (28cm by 35.5cm) and that the commandments are “the central focus” of the display.


It will also be shown alongside a four-paragraph “context statement” which will describe how the commandments “were a prominent part of American public education for almost three centuries”.

The posters must be on display in all classrooms receiving state funding by 2025 – but no state funding is being offered to pay for the posters themselves.

Similar laws have recently been proposed by other Republican-led states, including Texas, Oklahoma and Utah.

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Landry says

On his X account late Wednesday, the governor, #LAGovJeffLandry posted on X, “Today, we fulfilled our promise to bring drastic reform to our education system and bring common sense back to our classrooms.

“A strong education system leads to a strong economy and a strong state.

“Our historic Dream Big Package puts the focus back on our kids, and allows Louisiana to follow in the footsteps of our neighbors in the South.


“I am thankful to the legislature for their commitment to making the education system in Louisiana one that students, parents, and teachers can all be proud of.”

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There have been numerous legal battles over the display of the Ten Commandments in public buildings, including schools, courthouses and police stations.

An X user, MicheleMaybe, #michele4_t, posted, “What about a Muslim child in that classroom? Or a Buddhist? Or Atheist?


“This is completely illegal and an affront to our US Constitution. Thankfully you’re getting the snot sued out of you, as you should. We are NOT a Theocracy.”

Another X user, Marjorie, #MTGsbigtoe, wrote, “You should keep your lifestyle choice of being a Christian to yourself. The Bible has no place in the classroom.”

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Also, carte blanche kitty with account #mrswhiskeykitty, said, “Vouchers will demolish our public schools. This is just a taxpayer bailout for failing religious schools with minimal oversight.”


In 1980, the US Supreme Court struck down a similar Kentucky law requiring that the document be displayed in elementary and high schools.

In a 5-4 vote, the high court ruled that the requirement that the Ten Commandments be posted “had no secular legislative purpose” and was “plainly religious in nature”.

The court noted that in addition to criminal matters like killing and stealing, the Ten Commandments also made references to worshipping God including observing the Sabbath day.

The PUNCH reports that the Ten Commandments are a set of ethical guidelines and principles foundational to the Jewish, Christian, and maybe even Islamic traditions.



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PHOTOS: Oxford University Confers Honorary Degree On Okonjo-Iweala



The Director General of the World Trade Organisation, Dr. Ngozi Onkonjo-Iweala, has been awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Oxford.

The former Nigerian Minister of Finance disclosed this in a post and photos on on Wednesday

She wrote, “A great honour to be recognised today by Oxford University with the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters (D.litt. honoris causa).


“A marvellous ceremony at the Sheldonian Theatre followed by receptions at All Souls and St Johns Colleges.”

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Captioning the photos, Okonjo-Iweala added that her husband and daughter were present at the event, as she took pictures with other honorands.

She added, “With Chancellor Lord Christopher Patten and Vice-Chancellor Dr Irene Tracey and the other 5 Honorands- Sir Michael Palin, Warren East, Sir #demishassabis, Professor Salim Yusuf, and #ShankarAnoushka. Also with my husband, Dr Ikemba Iweala and my daughter, Dr #onyiiwealamdphd.”


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“With Professor #NgaireWoods – Dean of the Blavatnik School, Baroness #ValerieAmos – Master of University College, Oxford, Mr Hosh Ibrahim of the #Mo_IbrahimFdn, Sir #ian_goldin and with members of the Oxford Africa Society.”

Earlier in June, the WTO DG was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of World Economy and Diplomacy in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

In October 2021, the Luiss University in Rome, Italy, also conferred an honorary doctorate on Okonjo-Iweala.


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Nigeria Missing On 2024 Top 10 Women-friendly African Countries



Nigeria is notably absent as Namibia and South AfricCountriethe first and second positions, respectively, in the 2024 top 10 best African countries for women, as revealed by the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index.

Mozambique ranked third, with Burundi and Rwanda taking the fourth and fifth spots, respectively, reflecting a trend where most Southern and Eastern African nations dominate the list.

Recent years have seen some African countries make significant strides in bridging the gender gap, heralding an era of empowerment and progress for women.


This shift is attributed to concerted efforts across various sectors, including economics, health, education, and politics.

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While certain African communities continue to grapple with severe gender equality issues, it’s undeniable that others have achieved remarkable progress in ensuring women’s proper representation.

The journey toward gender equality in Africa stands as a testament to women’s resilience and determination, coupled with the collective efforts of societies striving for change.


Despite numerous challenges, the progress achieved so far provides a beacon of hope.

Women have made considerable advancements in all spheres of African society, with their participation increasing in politics, economics, entertainment, and nearly every other imaginable field.

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Political representation for women has notably surged, with several African nations leading the way in governance gender equality.


Additionally, rising literacy rates among young women have created a ripple effect of empowerment that extends to their families and communities.

This trajectory suggests that Africa is steadily moving toward closing the gender gap, though some communities still face significant gender equality challenges.

The Global Gender Gap 2024 Insight report by the World Economic Forum highlights countries that have made substantial progress in narrowing the gender gap within a year, with Sierra Leone being a prominent example.

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“The 2024 index also shows important changes in ranking. The five economies that improved their rankings the most climbed over 20 places: Ecuador (+34, ranked 16th), Sierra Leone (+32, ranked 80th), Guatemala (+24, ranked 93rd), Cyprus (+22, ranked 84th), and Romania and Greece (+20, ranked 68th and 73rd, respectively),” the report revealed.

“The most significant drops in the ranking are also negative shifts of over 20 places: Bangladesh (-40, ranked 99th), Lao PDR (-35, ranked 89th), El Salvador (-28, ranked 96th), Rwanda (-27, ranked 39th), and Bhutan (-21, ranked 124th),” it added.

Here is the full list of the top 10 African countries with the best gender gap index:
1. Namibia – 0.805 (Global rank: 8th)
2. South Africa – 0.785 (Global rank: 18th)
3. Mozambique – 0.776 (Global rank: 27th)
4. Burundi – 0.757 (Global rank: 38th)
5. Rwanda – 0.757 (Global rank: 39th)
6. Cape Verde – 0.755 (Global rank: 41st)
7. Liberia – 0.754 (Global rank: 42nd)
8. Eswatini – 0.744 (Global rank: 47th)
9. Zimbabwe – 0.740 (Global rank: 52nd)
10. Botswana – 0.730 (Global rank: 57th)

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