Vision 2021: Greater Esan S’East My Priority, Says Hon. Imhandegbelo


Hon. Louis Imhandegbelo, a political leader in Esan South-East Local Government Area of Edo State says making the local government greater than it is now is his uttermost priority.

He said the local government area could attain an enviable state in the committee of councils if proper hands and qualified persons handle the affairs of the council, just as he said he is the best person to handle the council affairs so that it can get to such level.

Hon. Imhandegbelo also know as young leader who disclosed this in a brief chat with Info Daily, noted that he has a big dream for the local government and that such dream can alone be actualised if he is given the opportunity to serve in the council.

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According to him, the local government has all what is needed to be an enviable council but just need competent and committed persons who could achieve it.

He said, “Esan South-East Local Government Area has what is needed to be listed among the well-to-do council, so what is needed right now is the right man to get to the affairs of the council. If competent and committed persons like me get to that council, believe me things will change. The narrative in the council will change.

“And to change the narrative, I have made myself available to serve my people and take them to the level they ought to be. For long I had dreamt of a local government that others will envy; I had dreamt of a greater and better Esan South-East but this is not coming forth and this is why I have taken up the challenge to make sure my dreams come true by making myself available for service.

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Hon. Imhandegbelo who advised people of the council to align with person who have them in his mind in 2021, noted that it will do no good for them and the local government area if they make the wrong person as their choice and remain in the position they are.

“2021 is a decision making year for us in Esan South-East. It is either we take the bold step of making change in leadership or maintain the status quo and remain the way we are in the area.

“For me, I will advise for a change so that we can move forward by getting out of the present pitiable state we are. Together we can make Esan South-East great again,” he noted.

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