Again, Madness In Oro Group’s Activities


The situation is becoming increasingly bad as the oro group is now purely a killer group masquerading itself as traditional local group practicing and protecting the culture of their people.

It’s against this development that the oro festival is becoming more dangerous among the many festivals. Though this particular oro festival is seriously against women seeing them while process is ongoing as its regarded as a taboo for women to see them.

One Mrs ESOHE and her two daughters were lucky enough to have escape from the oro group when they mistakingly came across the oro group during their festive season in Porthacourt.

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But Rosemary and folusho were very unlucky as the group did not waste time before they were both killed by the oro group that night. 20th February 2020 is another date to be remembered by Mrs Eshoe and her daughters ran into the bush for safety and the oro group ran after them into the bush but couldn’t find them.

While the issue was reported to security personnel, yet nothing seems can be done because oro group is known to be tradition and no one could challenge them.

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