COVID-19 Palliatives: CDHR Gives Govs 7-Day Ultimatum


By Joseph Kanjo, Benin

National President,
Committee for the Defence of Human Rights, (CDHR), Dr. Osagie Obayuwana, yesterday, gave the Nigerian governors across the 36 states seven days ultimatum to explain why they should not be sanctioned for allegedly hoarding COVID19 palliatives meant to cushion the effect of the pandemic on Nigerians.

He gave the ultimatum while expressing his views on the recent looting of warehouses hoarding COVID19 palliatives by hoodlums across the country.

“At the first level, since public office holders cannot deny the fact that they are servants of the people in whom sovereignty lies, the CDHR on behalf of the people hereby issues a query to all the Governors of all the States, to explain within seven (7) days why disciplinary action should not be taken against them by way of removal from office through popular mass action for abuse of office, breach of public trust, deliberate perpetuation of hunger, appropriation of public resources and mindless dereliction of duty all necessitating a vote of no confidence enforceable through civil disobedience”, he said.

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Dr. Obayuwana said the time has come for Nigerians to take their destiny in their hands since the  political leaders have failed to deliver the dividends of democracy to the electorate.

“More fundamentally, we call on the mass of the Nigerian people that the time has come for all hands to truly be on deck in the management of public affairs in our country.

“We recognize that continuing to leave our affairs in the hands of politicians and their collaborators is at our own peril, given that they have shown themselves to have  outlived their usefulness and are now standing in the path of genuine progress in our country, as it is clear that they can never and will never change.

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Had professional groups, trade unions and civil society and groups of artisans, religious bodies and all organized groups in rural and urban Nigeria been involved in the management and distribution of the COVID-19 palliatives, certainly a situation of inhuman hoarding of the palliatives and recklessly allowing some to expire and go to waste in the face of unmet needs would not have occurred”, he said.

Obayuwana said the military should also join hands with other citizens of the country to bring about a better Nigeria

“The imperative of mass popular participation is now to be strictly enforced, as this relates to the efficient and equitable application of the wealth produced in Nigeria to meet the basic needs of the most needy of the Nigerian people.

“Events have confirmed that the vast majority of policemen and soldiers in Nigeria fall within this category of poor Nigerians.

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“Since they are the ultimate force being used to uphold the unjust status quo in Nigeria, the CDHR calls on them at this time to join the ranks of all the victims, and refuse to be used as obstacles to the attainment of the new Nigeria in the process of being born, wherein all Nigerians will enjoy the fundamental human right to a fair share of the wealth of our country, by which hunger, homelessness, ill-health, unemployment and illiteracy would be a thing of the past”, he said.


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