Ijaw Elders Reject Water Resources Bill


A socio-cultural group, Ijaw Elders Forum (IEF) has urged the members of the National Assembly from the Niger Delta region to reject in its entirety the proposed Water Resources Bill which has been generating concern across the country.

The appeal followed the resolution of the House of Representatives at its last plenary to take a second look at the bill with a view to fine-tuning it for general acceptability.

In a statement issued on Friday by its Secretary, Pastor Efiye Bribena, the forum described the bill as “the most audacious land-grabbing  scheme ever envisioned in human history,” declaring “it is obnoxious, provocative and evil.”

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“It is with all sense of responsibility that the Ijaw Elders Forum categorically states its denunciation and rejection of the Water Resources Bill that is designed to seize the waterways and ancestral lands of the Ijaw people by the force of an evil, draconian and provocative law.”



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