Just In: Bishop Oyedepo’s Pastor Brother Allegedly Assults Member, Hired Soldiers To Beat Member Up


… Members Want Bishop Oyedepo’s Intervention

A resident pastor of the Living Faith Church aka Winners Chapel, Uwasota Branch, Benin, Gideon Oyedepo, has reportedly assulted a member of the church by hiring soldiers to beat him up after slapping him (member)

The member, Nosa Aigbogun, who was hospitalized as at when INFO DAILY visited disclosed that trouble started when technical unit meeting of the church was convened and he (Pastor) came to announce the dissolution of the unit without reason and thereafter threatened that anyone who dares him or crosses his path he was going to crush.

Aigbogun said he rised to make an observation regarding the dissolution but pastor Oyedepo shut him and started calling him bastard, devil, claiming that he (Aigbogun) kept the church microphone to himself for a year and two months and that this denied him (Pastor Oyedepo) to use the microphone for the period.

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He said while lying in his hospital bay, “Yesterday after church service we had unit meeting. Our pastor, Gideon Oyedepo, a younger brother to Bishop Oyedepo started telling us that he has dessolved the unit (technical unit) and that no one should dare to go to studio. He warned us that anyone that crosses his path he will crush. That no one should try to near him or try him, that he will crush such person.

“So, I made an observation on him dessolving the unit but he shut me up and said you, you bastard, devil. That I kept the church mic to myself for a year and two months without letting him to see mic to use. He then moved closer to me and gave me hot slap for no reason in a hot afternoon, and he was about slapping me for the second time but I blocked him and the church security too prevented him.

The assulted member of Winners Chapel, Benin, Nosa Aigbogun receiviing treatment when Info Daily visited the hospital on Monday

“This made my friends in the church to be angry and they started scattering everywhere inside the church. After all these, people pleaded to me and my friends to leave and forget about everything.”

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According to Aigbogun, he came to meet his lawyer friend to inquire the legal step to take regarding the assult the next day (Monday) when this his same friend, where they were standing, alerted him that Pastor Oyedepo’s Personal Assistant (name withheld) was coming with soldiers.

He said he ran inside somewhere to hide but the soldiers came to his friend and asked after him and where he (Aigbogun) reside but his friend refused to disclosed where he was, so Oyedepo’s P.A. started searching for him and eventually found him.

He disclosed that the P.A., on sighting him, pointed at him and the four soldiers rough handled him by asking him to follow them which he refused and they started beating him, claiming that he (Aigbogun) had the boldness to slap a pastor.

“Today I went to meet my lawyer friend to ask the best legal action to take against the assult melted on me, and as we were talking about this, he (my lawyer friend) just alerted me that I should hide that soldiers are approaching with with Oyedepo’s PA. So I went to hide inside one place. As they got to my friend, I overheard them asking where I stay.

“I then overheard the P.A. saying Aigbogun must be here. He started searching for me and eventually when he found me, he alerted the soldiers that they should come and they came. And as they came, they asked me that so I had the boldness to slap a pastor but I told them I didn’t slap pastor. They said I should follow them to Barracks but I asked them which of the Barracks, and one of them said S & T Barracks.

“I said they should wait that I want to inform my people and that after that I will follow them. That was how one of them slapped me by saying how dare I have the boldness to ask them question that can’t I see they are soldiers. One of them then said ‘now we are not going to S. T. barracks but hell! I said then said if that should be the case I am not ready to go to hell. They started beating me with fanbelt and injured me”, he added.

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He said the pastor is foud of slapping members in the church, adding that this same pastor slapped a member four times in the church January this year for no cause.

While disclosing that his friends and associates have reported the case to police, Aigbogun pleaded to Bishop Oyedepo, founder of Living Faith Church to intervene before his blood brother ruin the branch of the church.

Calls put across several times to Pastor Oyedepo were picked. He his wife later picked and asked INFO DAILY to call back the day.

Calls in the next day were not picked which made INFO DAILY to send sms to the pastor but as at the time of publishing this story, no reply even after waiting for several hours.


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