Man Whose Wife Died Of Breast Cancer Demands Release Of His Abducted Four Children By Late Wife’s Family


A 43-year-old Mr. Emmanuel Obenetie whose wife died of breast cancer in 2018, yesterday appealed to the Edo State Judicial Panel of Inquiry for victims of SARS and related abuses to compel his late wife’s family to release his four children forcefully taken away by them to him.

Mr. Emmanuel who was at the panel to clear himself of the allegation of negligence levelled against him by his in-laws, said he did all in his power to ensure that she lives but all was to no avail.

Emmanuel, was dragged before the panel by Mrs. Christy Oshogue, elder sister to the late Mrs. Aboshogue Isimeme Obenetie on the allegation that the husband to the deceased did not take care of his wife who died of breast cancer in 2018.

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Christy accused him of being responsible for the death of his wife alleging that instead of taking his wife to the hospital for early diagnosis and treatment, he allowed her to be massaging and applying Olive Oil on the breast until it got out of hands.

She also accused him of using the police to assault her and thereby demanding the sum of N15 million as compensation.

Narrating his own side of the story before the panel, husband to the deceased, Mr. Emmanuel said he stood with his late wife through thick and thin.

He said he never abandoned his wife as alleged by his sister-in-law and that the threat from his late wife’s family scared him of visiting the mortuary where she was kept by her family.

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He also said that the late wife’s family called to inform him two days to her burial that she would be buried and that without his impute as to how she is to be buried just as he accused them of attacking him and his family members who attended the burial ceremony.

He said he could not state where exactly his wife was buried.

The heart broken man told the panel that he has not set his eyes on his four children for three years now as they were forcefully taken away from him and attempt made by him through the police and other agencies to resolve the issue so that he could have his children back has proven abortive.

He noted that he was so happy to have been dragged before the panel by his sister-in-law believing that it could do justice and the children released back to him.

“By the special grace of God, I am expecting them to make sure that my four children are released to me. They were illegally abducted by my in-laws for about three years now.

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“I have written to State Criminal Investigation Department, I have written to NAPTIP, I have written to the Ministry of Women Affairs and I have also written to many agencies concerning this matter and presently, the matter is still in court.

“So, I am expecting this panel to make sure that justice is done and my four children are released to me”, he said


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