Why Young Artist Must Shun Negative Influence – Cole Uyiekpe



Music is a medium of communication; it is one way people send messages, music can either be pop, reggae, highlife e t c. Some people take music as a means of livelihood but other do it for fun or as calling. In this interview with Cole Uyiekpen Manners ( CEO) Talents Of Benin, x-ray what form his choice of allying with highlife music: he speaks with our guest writer Timothy Omobude.


Who are you?

My name is Cole Uyiekpen Manners ( CEO) Talents Of Benin Entertainment, TOB, a Benin by tribe and an Edo man to the lettersi’m the son of the legendary Idamudia Cole. I’m a musician, i play highlife music.

When did you start your musical carrier?

I have being into music for the past fifteen years, as a professional musician, i was born into music, so music is me and i’m music. I grow up from a music home, i leant the art of music from my father.

Why highlife music as your choice ?

I choosed highlife because that is what my father was into as well, highlife music is the highest, that is what my father was doing, we can improvise; play some afro but the base for my music is highlife. I’m not saying other kind of music is not important.

Do you think, you drive home your message when you push it via highlife

Mr. Cole Uyiekpe

Yes, that is the best way i can express myself musically, although music is a way of life in my family. I have played with some many other artist then in Lagos before moving to Benin City to start up my own band. That is why i’m maintaining my father stage name Talent of Benin, TOB.

Which musical instrument do you play best?

Ah, i can play every musical instrument but i’m a genius in the art of playing drum, i enjoy playing drum. So music is my calling.

What has been the challenges you face?

My challenges occurred while i was in Lagos, i was not haven my band, no finances, trying to meet up with this digital age.

How many album do you have?

So far, i have just one album but I have numerous tracks, i’m launching another album early next year before easter celebration.

Which among your tracks is your best

My best tracks is OSARUESE because is all about praising God.

As entertainers, do you enjoy the needed synergy from the present state government in Edo?

Yes, i’m a member of Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria, PMAN, i will commend the governor, we have had meeting with the governor were he solicited for partnership, he showed us how he is keen on developing that state entertainment industry and we are confident on him because is music is life.

What is the correlation between the music genre with what your father played?

Personally, i can not compare them, for me i went to music school. But some of us are doing wonderfully well, if you listen to EDO LEGEND SONS the 24 beats (story story) produced by one Osarobo Osa’s, we the young musician sang the songs from our heath and at the end the song was lovely and went viral, i don’t know if you have listen to it. Mr Osarobo is trying to put another one in the United Kingdom which is coming up soon. Our fathers also did excellently well musically.

Advise to upcoming musicians?

They should stick with one type of music, remain focus and shun negative vices. They should not look for the money at the beginning.


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