COVID – 19 : Expert Recommends Local Vaccines To Augment WHO’s Efforts


The chairman, Imo State chapter of the Guild of Medical Laboratory Directors, Mr Peter Nseabasi, has urged countries to augment the efforts of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the fight against COVID-19 with own vaccines.

Nseabasi said this while interacting with newsmen in Owerri on Wednesday.

The medical laboratory scientist who praised the efforts of Madagascan research scientists in the production of an herbal remedy for COVID-19, called on other countries to toe the same path.

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He said that local production would not only reduce cost but also build the patients’ confidence in the vaccines.

He also commended the President Muhammadu Buhari led-Federal Government (FG) for enforcing control measures such as lockdown, face masking, and social distancing as according to him, these have helped to reduce spread.

” Prevention is said to be better and cheaper than cure. Hence, the need for countries to take their time to produce their vaccine against COVID-19 while encouraging face masking since the virus could be transmitted through droplets according to the WHO.

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” The Federal Government of Nigeria is to be commended for the proactive measures so far taken to curb the spread of the virus and Madagascan experts must be congratulated for blazing the trail in the production of local vaccines”.

He, however, expressed worry that the post exposure incubation period has not been well prepared for especially with the much hue and cry about a 5G networking system and its expected attendant effects on the immune systems of both humans and animals.

While assuring that the 5G does not correlate with COVID-19, he recommended biological tests of safety as means of cushioning the effects of possible rays from the Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) and allaying growing fears of people.

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He also recommended that autopsy be carried out on the cadavers of COVID-19 patients to determine the common related factor associated with the possibility of immune suppression by EMF exposure.

“People’s fears are growing, they need to be convinced that 5G and COVID-19 are two different variables. An autopsy report on cadavers as well as biological tests of safety will go a long way in allaying people’s fears.

“If this is done, the much ado about 5G precipitating the cause of death in Covid19 pandemic would be brought to rest “, he said.

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He, however, advised persons with health issues bothering on diabetics, renal dysfunctions, HIV and other viral diseases as well as smokers to maintain regular contact with their health care providers.


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