Hon Imhandegbelo: The Man Esan South-East Chairmanship’s Cap Best Fits

Mr. Louis Imhandegbelo, chairmanship aspirant, Esan South East Local Government Council

By Oriasotie Festus Imhenkuomon

If there is any man best fit in for the position of chairman in Esan South-East Local Government Council in 2021, it should be Hon. Louis Imhandegbelo. A charismatic and industrious young successful business man, Hon. Imhandegbelo will turn the fortune of Esan South-East Local Government Area if he has the opportunity to be at the helms of affairs of the local government.

Hon. Imhandegbelo is passionate about the Local Government Area and has proved this in many ways. He is passionate about the development and advancement of the local government area hence he places its (local government) and the people interest above any other thing. To him: “ESAN SOUTH-EAST FIRST, THEN ANY OTHER THING CAN FOLLOW “

He is a grassroot politician that knows the plights and challenges facing the people in the local government, being someone who as been part parcel of the system, hence he decided to rise and proffer solution to them, and the solutions will only come if he given the opportunity to serve in the local government.

If we are talk about local government that needs most an industrious innovative young man to change its narrative for better, it is no other local government but Esan South-East, and the person that is capable of doing such is Hon. Imhandegbelo. He has the wherewithal to lead Esan South-East to an enviable position in the committee of local government.

Fear ye not, o ye Esan South-East people. Mr. Success is not coming to misuse your allocations. He has his personal business that God has really used in blesssing him, hence all your allocations will be judiciously used for the betterment of the people and not his personal use. In fact, with his charisma and innovations, he will rather generate revenue from other sources to work in the local government without waiting for the normal monthly allocation. He is a man who will make things work out for you in the local government without depending on the federal or state governments. And when the allocations come, Hon Imhandegbelo will use them to turn the local government around for better.

So, when next you think of a better and greater Esan South-East, think of Hon. Imhandegbelo, the man that can be described as the biblical Joshua of Esan South-East. He has come to introduce modern innovation in governance, give him the chance and he will not let you down.

Hon. Imhandegbelo is the man the next cap of Esan South-East Council cap fit best.

Hope for an enviable local government area; think of Hon. Imhandegbelo. For this 2021 race, no one can do it better in Esan South-East Council than him. Give it to him, you pave way for development and advancement in the local government area.

Deacon Oriasotie Festus Imhenkuomon hails from Ewohimi community, ward 2 in Esan South-East


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