OPINION: The Retrogressive State Of Bomadi And Her Political Leaders Ugly Fang Of Sycopancy


By Edoko Wilson Edoko

Sycopancy is a popular lexicon largely associated with politics, it means a person who acts obsequiously towards someone important in order to gain undeserved advantage.

Before I move into the meat of the issue, permit me to give a mental picture of this piece by using a practical experience – On a day in 1973, a young Bengali lawmaker energetically expanded on his ideas relating to the budget that had recently been presented in the Jatiyo Sangsad by Finance Minister Tajuddin Ahmad. A few minutes later, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman strode into the chamber and took his seat on the front row of the Treasury Bench. The young lawmaker, further energized by the arrival of the Father of the Nation, swiftly switched from the budget to singing praises to Bangabandhu. The Prime Minister turned back to look at him, observed him for a couple of minutes and eventually told him, ebar thaam (stop it now). We in the visitors’ gallery were happy that an uncalled for attempt at sycophancy had quickly been shot down by Bangabandhu.

Marrying this interesting story to what we are currently experiencing in one of the most backward gocal government in the South-south region of Nigeria, located in Delta state, precisely Bomadi LGA. Unfortunately, this region still accommodates the long serving political office holders in the country with little or nothing to show for their donkey years in office.

One area this write up seeks to address is place of ugly place of “SYCOPHANTS”. I can authoritatively say that this region also boast of having large number of this breeds also known as “YES-MEN”. Unquestionably one of the major bane of our celebrated retrogression. A situation were bootlickers are on rampage, continuously sing praises of their oppressors – a set of persons who think less of those who handled them their mandates and more of themselves, is the height of modern day slavery.

Even with the crumbs they enjoy from those who have perpetually institutionalized poverty, still have their kinsmen suffer from their gullibility. I find it insane for any right thinking person to heap praises on people who are against the progress of their own people because of their inordinate desires to satisfy their selfish interest.

Demanding accountability from public office holders by constituents cannot and should not be mistaken for insults or disrespect, because respect itself is earned by good deeds and not through coercion. Only unintelligible goons who are blind to the realities in their immediate domains, make such insincere remarks to please their paymasters.

These shameless distractors are the ones misleading our lpeaders in Bomadi LGA, further dragging the political careers of these persons into the dungeon of their political oblivion and wilderness!

The likes of Nicholas Mutu, Preyor Oboro and James Manager who ought to be custodians of development in Bomadi LGA, should as a matter of urgency extricate themselves from these confused “WINGMEN” of backwardness and wake up from their slumber.

In all sincerity, Bomadi LGA as it is today is a nightmare and in a big mess with the breakdown of economic, socio-infrastructural development in the locality with no drinkable water, connecting roads/bridges, healthcare, solve coastal erosion, electricity, human capital development etc. The enumerated challenges should be our main focus instead of some who have conferred on themselves”Insincere flatterers” wanting to paint to us what does not exist in our own area, this is most laughable and disgusting!

How long are we going to continue deceiving ourselves because of peanuts gotten by these sycophants, can we say that the good Bomadi LGA have benefited the dividends of democracy for over 2 decades? Can we say that our people are living the best of life with the amount of monies deployed to the region for over 2 decades? Can we also say that any of our public office holders have been able to herald any positive change with the establishment of legacy projects across nook and crannies of Bomadi LGA.

Nobody is against our representatives but only advocating for the right things to be done – should not be misinterpreted under any guise as we all seek a better Bomadi where opportunities abound and funds appropriated to develop the region been judiciously utilized to the benefit of the people.

Running from attacking the message to pounce on the messanger, coupled with the art of raising mediocres to near perfection wouldn’t help us as we are all victims, trapped inside the current web of underdevelopment in Bomadi.

A word is enough for the wise!

Edoko Wilson Edoko Writes from Ezebri Town, Bomadi LGA in Delta state.


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