[OPINION] Edo Cult Killings : A Misplaced Priority For Youths Engagement (Part 1)


By Eben Enasco

Edo State like Taliban of Afghanistan, has “gone off the radar” and now under heightened threat for sane habitations.

The State is now literally steeped in history over cult related crisis.

The threat to human lives and properties have escalated beyond mere imagination with the spate of violence of all forms including assassination, robbery, theft, burglary and murder in the State.

Thanks especially to recent Jail-break and Police facilities that were razed down that tend to have let loosed condemned criminals following #ENDSARS# peaceful protest reportedly hijacked by suspected hoodlums.

Security apparatus were carted away, leaving the society in their own fate.

Since then, the level of insecurities in the state have tubor charged with those who would have done justice to their menaces still morale down.

Security threats had for long constituted a major impediment to the smooth economic growth and
pursuit in Edo State.

In a state that was relatively calm and known for Peaceful coexistence, today, the sound of the gun, now bring closer another embarrassing end of the day with fears.

Not until the bread winner in every family returns physically home after work every day, no one is sure of his safety and who the sporadic spinning Pilates would have knocked off the perch as well.

It is an understatement to say that the environment devoid of peace
cannot enhance a meaningful growth.

The net is closing in on rivals court groups who are at the center of the bloody upper Sakponba gang feud after over 28 people have been reportedly murdered in less than two weeks since the recent feuds.

Several Frightening footage have emerged across strata where robed gangs attacked rivalry group with knifes, Broken bottles, pitchforks, guns and Cutlasses in attempt to over power and perhaps sniff life out of their prey.

The fulcrum of Youths who are direct perpetrators are between 15 and 25 years age bracket.

These, when in action, don’t believe in Mercy. They shoot for fun and always happy doing so.

The United Nations defines youth as persons between the ages of 15 and 24 with all UN statistics based on this range, the UN states education as a source for these statistics.

The UN also recognizes that this varies without prejudice to other age groups listed by member states such as 18–30.

At this age stages, Youth can be a positive force for development when provided with the knowledge and opportunities they deserved.

Human development is a continuous process that proceeds in a fairly orderly manner throughout life.

All individuals experience the various stages of physical, psychological, and social development.

A Priority Misplaced

Killing Youths of same struggle in a society where they would have channeled their grievances to the Government at all levels, have become a failure, and a misplaced priority.

Youths must now see the outcome as a total waste of future generations.

Those who ought to pay for their sins are not youths but acclaimed Leaders who had been clustered in selfishness.

But then, it’s not enough to channel whatever anger of theirs on killing each other. It’s a bad formula to turn your eyes against one another.

Why embarked on house to house search for each other without any challenge, in spite of the recent Protest seeking a change to Youths neglect by the authority, it is an indication of lack of concentration on priorities.

If youths truly represents the hope of this nation, killing each other in the guise of Cultism shouldn’t be a priority.

The Endsars Protests united Youths against bad leadership, but then, resorting to killing one self is a misplaced priority and that have to stop.

Like the case of Etinosa Osifo, father of one of the killed youths who was reported to have been shot at close range by members of another rival group is a testimony of youths losing grip about the future.

At Edaiken Primary school Road Uselu, a popular gang star was bundled to death with linings of Cutlass marks that demembered his body.

A source disclosed that prior to his death, he was seen attacking another road user who was said to be returning from work.

He was said to have succeeded in stabbing the Victim with a knife who was eventually rushed to the hospital.

The Victim according to the source also belong to a deadly cult group whose members avenged and hack him to death.

The parents who reside in a close by street where the unfortunate incident occurred lamented the manner at which their Son was murdered according to eye Witnesses who narrated the ordeal.

With the murder of that youths, it has become a minus to his Generation and the ones to come.

How The Game Changed

Before cultism spilled into the streets, its base of operation lay in the secret corners in Nigerian universities and polytechnics.

It should be stated that confraternities should not be mistaken for secret cults.

In the 50s, confraternities were created with noble ideas and objectives by founding fathers.


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